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Sports Events -(Dribbling Drills) 3rd October -5thOctober 2019

The Sports club (Dribbling Drills) conducted the events from 3rd october to 5th october 2019. The first day began with single and double events which included Chess,Carrom,Table Tennis and Badminton for both Ist and IInd PU students, this was followed by inter- class group events like Throwball,Volleyball,Cricket,Lagori,Kabadi and Tug-of-war. Students of all the combination vigorously participated in all these events. II BASC and I EBAS classes were declared as the overall champions. Drute .R. Shankar of II PCMB-A and Divya Dharshini of I EBAS were awarded as the individual champions. Trophies were awarded for the students,who won prizes in the various events conducted by the sports club.



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