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Science Fest “Aviskar”3rd November 2023


“The Science of today is the technology  of tomorrow ” Edward Teler

Science Club is the platform for the students to promote their scientific interest, realize their scientific skills and fulfill their quest in doing science activities. The club aims to increase their  knowledge and skill in the field of science.

Science Fest (AVISHKAR)was held on 3rd November 2023. Students of science combinations actively participated in the events like De-Bugging, Lecture Contest , Dumb-Charades, Quiz Competition, Model and Chart Making and Rangoli .

It provides a platform whereby students indulge in hands on activities and project making. This surely nurtures their inquisitive minds and unleashes creativity.

Giving this due importance, the students formed groups and every group prepared a working model which was assembled in the respective labs. The models and charts were displayed in  Physics , Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science Labs. Many models were amazingly done by the students which captivated the onlookers.  The students elucidated the judges about their working models. It was hands-on experience for them which also helped them to research, create, collaborate and communicate. Such opportunities accelerate their confidence level. It was a delightful sight to see many students taking part in the competitions .