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Com -Arts Fest –3rd November 2023

The Com-Arts fest “SYNERGY” was held on 3rd November 2023.

College fest are one of the first arenas for students where they are put together from various streams and asked to manage a large event. This taste of a real-world experience can build a variety of skills and be the prefect tool for practical learning.

The Commerce club aims at building the self-confidence and increasing financial literacy among students. Students get an opportunity to generate and discuss new business plans and this helps the students to become prospective entrepreneurs who are not job seekers but job creators.

The Department of Humanities has always been, continues to be and will always remain as a department for innovation, education and fun.

Events like Product Launch,Lecture Contest, Model Making, Collage,Best Manager,  Entrepreneurship, Treasure Hunt and Com-Arts Quiz Competition were held for Commerce and Arts students. Students  enthusiastically participated in all the events.