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World Environment Day- 5th June 2024

This year’s World Environment Day campaign, themed “Our land. Our future. We are Generation Restoration,” resonated strongly with the Eco Club at our college. In alignment with this global initiative, the club orchestrated a series of impactful activities

At the forefront of these endeavors was a spirited Poster Campaign, where students creatively conveyed the urgency of protecting and preserving our environment. Vibrant posters adorned corridor  walls, serving as visual reminders of our collective responsibility towards the planet.

Furthering their commitment to environmental conservation, the Eco Club spearheaded a tree-planting drive, symbolizing hope for a greener future. With the unwavering support of our Principal and Staff, saplings were tenderly nestled into the earth, marking a tangible step towards revitalizing our surroundings.

Beyond mere gestures, the Eco Club endeavors to ignite a fervent passion for environmental advocacy among students. By nurturing an understanding of the profound interconnectedness between humanity and nature, they aspire to cultivate a generation of conscientious stewards committed to safeguarding our planet’s precious resources.