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Science Fest (AVISHKAR)-30-11-2022

Science is a way of thinking much more then it is a body of knowledge” Carl Sagan

Science Fest (AVISHKAR)was held on 30th  November 2022 . Students of science combinations actively participated in the events like. Cooking without Fire, De-Bugging, Personality  Contest, Drawing Competition , Dumb-Charades, Quiz Competition, Rangoli ,Working models and Chart  Making, Tresure Hunt, Sudukko, Best out of waste  .

Science fest provide a platform whereby students indulge in hands on activities and project making. This surely nurtures their inquisitive minds and unleashes creativity. Science stream students performed a beautiful skit.

Giving this due importance, the students formed groups and every group prepared a working model which was assembled in the respective labs. The models and charts were displayed in  Physics , Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science Labs. Many models were amazingly done by the students which captivated the onlookers.  The students elucidated the judges about their working models. It was hands-on experience for them which also helped them to research, create, collaborate and communicate. Such opportunities accelerate their confidence level. It was a delightful sight to see many students taking part in the competitions .