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Awareness on Road Safety – 27th June 2024

The Students Association for Road Safety (S.A.R.S) was established in 1977 with the aim of engaging students in traffic regulation through comprehensive traffic training programs. Under this initiative, traffic officers from the High Ground Police Station visited our college to educate students on the critical importance of adhering to road safety rules, including the necessity of wearing helmets.

During these sessions, officers not only delivered informative talks but also presented video clips that vividly depicted the consequences of negligence, such as using mobile phones while driving. These visual aids underscored the severe outcomes of distracted driving and reinforced the need for vigilance on the road. Additionally, the officers addressed students’ queries, providing detailed explanations about the significance of maintaining valid insurance documents and other essential aspects of road safety.

Through these efforts, S.A.R.S aims to cultivate a culture of safety and responsibility among students, empowering them to contribute actively to traffic regulation and accident prevention.