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St. Anne is the patroness of our college. We the Annites celebrated the feast of St. Anne in a solemn manner. This year St. Anne’s PU College was told to conduct the feast.

The Manager of the college Rev. Sr. Shanthi and all the Sisters from the convent, the Principal and staff of St. Anne’s First Grade College, PU college, St. Mary’s Girls High School and Marian Primary and Middle School gathered in the St. Anne’s Generalate Hall at 11.00am.

The PU College staff welcomed everyone for the celebration at the entrance. We specially welcomed and escorted the Superior General and Manager Sr. Shanti and her team.

Miss. Rhea was the anchor of the day’s events. Sr.  Sini and team led everyone into prayer service, songs and power point presentation. We invited the presence of Christ the Light by lighting of the traditional lamp.

We had Invocation Dance by Miss. Mary Latha and her team. It was an amazing performance through which the Lord has invoked through their rhythemic and graceful movements. A Kannada recital  was composed by Miss. Ranjini Prabhu. The composition theme was St. Anne, our Mother. It was indeed wonderful. We the staff of St. Anne PUC wished everyone Happy Feast Day through a song “ O Hark The Herald Annites sing” which was composed by Miss. Magdalene Richard. It was an awesome moment of music, melody and festal joy.

The Manager and Superior General Rev. Sr. Shanthi , gave a relevant and meaningful message to everyone. She congratulated PU staff for the performance of the day and for leading the day’s event.

Miss. Rhea proposed the Vote of Thanks. As a mark of remembrance, love and gratitude, we the SAPUC distributed a book mark of St. Anne to everyone gathered for the celebration.

We then had a grand Lunch which was hosted by the Manager of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Anne, Bangalore.


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