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Vigilance Awareness Week – October 30th

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week every year is a part of multi-pronged approach of the commission where a key strategy is to encourage all stake holders to collectively participate in the prevention of, and the fight against corruption and to raise public awareness regarding the existence ,causes of the threat posed by corruption .The commission has decided that this year the ‘Vigilance awareness Week ‘would be observed from 29th October to 3rd November-2018 with the theme “Eradicate Corruption -Build New India”.

As a part of this observance, Lectures and Students were asked to assemble on the ground at 3 pm to take pledge,  which was administered by our beloved principal regarding the same. Maria Preethisha of II ESBA  spoke to the students for 10 mts stressing on the corruption taking place in various sectors and government Departments and the need to eradicate it completely. Mrs Mary Latha, Lecturer in Political Sceince addressed the students about  the importance of observing Vigilance week.

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